TVC x Eurostar

Dressed the iconic ‘kissing couple’ statute in the new Eurostar uniform


Defining Moment
Eurostar’s new uniforms make a BIG impression at St Pancras International.

What we did
To celebrate Eurostar’s first new uniform design in nearly a decade, TVC conceived the idea to dress the iconic nine metre tall ‘kissing couple’ statue in St. Pancras International station in the new uniform.

The super-sized outfits clothing the world famous statue (‘The Meeting Place by Paul Day’) were created by Maggie Clarke, to celebrate the introduction of the new Eurostar uniforms, only the third in the company’s history.

On a more human scale, Eurostar‘s own ‘kissing couple’, recreated the famously amorous embrace at the statue’s feet. The couple, who had just celebrated their first anniversary, met and fell in love over 10 years ago working together on the international high-speed train service.

TVC secured 37 pieces of print and broadcast coverage reaching over 29,800,000 people.

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