100% of
news stories
about minor
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be treated
at pharmacy.

Defining Moment
Winning Best Health Campaign of the Year for our work with The Royal Pharmaceutical Society

What we did
The RPS is the dedicated professional body for pharmacists in England, Scotland and Wales. Pharmacies are often overlooked by the general public who instead opt to visit GPs for treatments for minor ailments – the result of which is placing huge strain on NHS resources.

A launch was conceived to kick-start an informative campaign which aimed to educate. RPS carried out research which revealed ‘Pharmacists could save the NHS £1billion by treating common ailments’ – budget discussions surrounding the NHS are never far from the headlines and provides a way of explaining the tangible contribution the scheme.

45 pieces of impactful coverage across TV, radio, print and online including the main story on Channel 4 News.
Total reach of 17,747,417 – all with the headline quoting the £1.1 billion saving to the NHS.